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Reading your post this week reminded me that I wanted to respond to your last post-- but both have themes that are current events for me. My elder daughter will turn 15 on Wednesday. Our relationship is fine, even good, although I am somewhat envious of my bestie, who goes on and on about how close she and her teenage daughter are; how terrific she is; how she cooks for whole family; blah blah. Anyway, like you, Amye, thinking of how close my daughter and I once were until she was about 12 kinda breaks my heart. I mean, if missing being worshipped by my young child makes me narcissistic, well, I guess the shoe fits. I was always her "sweet Mama" and she wanted to do everything and go everywhere with me all the time. It's just one of those situations that I think you referenced in a recent podcast... that you just don't know when the last time will be for any of those sweet Moments. Anyway, I too remember what it was like to hold little M; it's muscle memory for sure. Thanks so much for your reflections on these themes.

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